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MARS 2015
MAI 2015
AVRIL 2015

60 Minutes.

Between 10am and 11am

One Sunday a month, during one year.


60 minutes in the lifetime of a façade, she is the one watching us for a few weeks, a few months, a few years, a few centuries…


How many people did she see? How many people in love? How many people living? How many children growing, living and dying? How many lovers, loves at first sight, break-ups? How many thieves hiding, soldiers defending themselves next to her?


We pass by her, her kindness protects us from the wind, the rain, the sun. She keeps watching us discreetly, she is a protection…


In the 21st century, façades become insipid, but eyes could be concealed in order to Watch us, they recognize us with our faces, they might read on our lips soon. Tragic fate of our dear façades, we could name them MATA HARI soon.


The camera is there to fix our Memory, it helps us then to realize the speed, the slowness of our mouvements. And some characters taking their time to Watch this façade, will become façade themselves.


60 MINUTES ...

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