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HEARTBOX  Suite The video creative approach : 


A participative work through the optional set up of a public “happening” (event).


The HEARTBOX transforms itself into a portrait studio with the sound of heartbeats. Each woman present at the exhibition can simultaneously experience the work of art with the artist, face to face, by entering into this intentionally calm, reassuring and familiar space, like a nest sheltered from stares and noise. The atypical profile of Xavier Dumont helps create the level of confidence necessary for them to reveal this intimacy. The artist will ask each participant to sign an authorisation allowing him to use the images, and to exploit the sound recording in the context of the art project. 10 minutes are required for each portrait and sound recording.


The participative value of the artwork removes the boundaries between art and the public. Each visitor is recognised as a receptive and expressive individual, and supports the idea that art is only of value if it is shared.  


The poetic and human value of the artwork offers the possibility for all to focus on sensitivity as an essential value of the “heart”.


The  dedication to a targetted public during the “Happening” gives the opportunity to create real complicity, and an osmosis which is invisible. By recording the emotions of a group of people  experiencing a special individual moment, HEARTBOX offers the unique opportunity to participate in the collective creation of an original work of art. Each individual becomes an actress and the author of a performance.   


Translation thank Soren Healy

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