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Giséle 84 ans

Clara 7 ans

Jennifer 27 ans

Rosalie 5 ans




24 women, 24 portraits, 24 hearts, 24 heartbeats, a sound testimony of a life.




I like exchanges. Gisèle, Clara, Rosalie, Annie, Jennifer, Louise, Pauline, Aline...

I was moved by the story of those women met by accident during my travels, during my consultations, or simply unexpectedly.  Through their different ages, and their lives, they represent ALL women the sensitivity through they experience. Interested in my project, they have volunteered for it to allow me to capture their stare.  Their heartbeat expresses the emotion of their thoughts at the very instant the photo was taken.  By revealing to all the sound of their heart, they share their intimacy, which is usually imperceptible.  Associated with the facial expression, the pulse of the heart awakens your senses thus allowing you to truly appreciate the portrait and interpret the life of the person. 



The recording of the person’s heart sounds is done using an acoustic microphone in order to transcribe as precisely as possible human hearing. Mounted in video, the series of images associates successively images / sounds / silence on a black screen to allow the public to memorise the different sounds and faces.  In this way, each group of intimate elements has a life, a story.  This series will slowly grow in number over the coming years with a view to marking time.


Translation thank Soren Healy













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