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60 minutes of a facade life, it has been looking at us for several weeks, months, years and centuries ...


How many people has it seen, how many loving couples has it seen, how many persons has it seen living, how many children growing, living and passing away? 

How many lovers, loves at first sight and breaks has it seen? How many thieves has it hidden and soldiers defended..


We are passing next to it, its kindness protect us from wind, rain and sun. It continues discreetly observing us, it is a rampart...


In the XXI century facades become insipid, but there are eyes hidden to observe us; facades recognize us by our faces, they will soon be able to read our lips. Tragic fate of our dear facades, we will soon compare them to MATA HARI.


The camera is here to fix our memory; it helps us to realize speed, slowness and some characters taking time to observe this façade and becoming facade in their turn. This long look from June 2014 until May 2015 gave us a view over the time. Even if these moments existed for only 9.6 seconds.




Many thanks to Virginie Dujardin for coming on June 14 to wave the hanky of Margaret Lumière, wife of Auguste Lumière and also to Phil Bernard (April 15) for coming dressed in his grandfather raincoat.











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